How to Install Bean Cash Core

Follow these steps and you'll have Bean Cash Core working in no time!

1. Download a free Bean Cash Application

Download a compatible Bean Cash Application ("wallet") for your computer from the “Bean Cash Applications" column on the right.

Note: Bean Cash is a very mature blockchain (Now over 5 years old!)It will normally take about 3-4 days to fully synchronize your node with the blockchain. If you want to speed up the time it takes, see the section at the bottom of this page, "Synchronize Your Bean Cash Node With The Blockchain Faster!"


You can get Bean Cash (formerly BitBean) traded as either BITB or BEAN from currently over six exchanges. You can find links to them under the “GET BEAN CASH” drop-down menu, where you can buy and sell them for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins, and other digital currencies. Once you have purchased and withdrawn your BEAN CASH from an exchange into a BEAN address that you own, you will be able to use them anywhere BEAN CASH is accepted.

Wait for your BEAN Cash Core to fully synchronize before sending your BEAN to your wallet!


After you have your BEAN CASH transferred to a BEAN CASH address you own, you can spend them, SPROUT them or save them. BEAN CASH CORE will allow you to store your BEAN CASH and SPROUT new ones, through a process known as "SPROUTing" and earn more BEAN CASH! This is possible using a technology called "Proof of Bean" (PoB). Bean Cash (formerly BitBean) was the first digital currency to offer static block rewards for active CORE nodes that provide resources to the network. Rewards are 1,000 BEAN (1 SPROUT = 1,000 BEAN). To get an idea of how many rewards you might earn from SPROUTing, check out this community resource: "Bean Cash Sprouting Calculator"

In most cases, your Bean Cash Core will automatically synchronize after a few minutes. If your running BitBean or its taking longer than 20 minutes to synchronize, you may need to follow the steps below to add some nodes:

Note: These instructions are primarily for the older "BitBean-qt" released application. Bean Cash should not require the use of a conf file. However, if you are using a conf file with Bean Cash, please note that starting with v1.1.2.2, it is named "Beancash.conf" and is located in the same data folder (BitBean) as previous versions of BitBean.

Warning: Make sure to first run BitBean-qt (or Beancash-qt) one time then close it. This will create the data folder which BitBean.conf (or Beancash.conf) is placed in.

Place the BitBean.conf file into the proceeding data directory for your operating system.

Right Click the associated BitBean.conf and Select "Save Link As" - saving to the respective data folder for your operating system, as indicated below:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 10 C:\Users\%YourWindowsUsernameHere%\AppData\Roaming\BitBean\BitBean.conf
    • To open your AppData Folder: Press the Windows Key+R then type:     %appdata%    

  • Linux ~/.BitBean/BitBean.conf

  • Mac OSX ~/Library/Application Support/BitBean/BitBean.conf

    Click the link and save the file to your Downloads Folder and Unzip

    Note: Mac OS does not show hidden files by default, so you will have to follow these instructions to open your BitBean data folder.

  • Open the Finder.
  • Choose Go from menu bar and hold down the Shift+Command+G keys.
  • Type this into the text box and click go:

  •     ~/Library/Application Support/BitBean/    

    This will open up a folder. If you can see wallet.dat file, you are in the right folder.

  • Copy the BitBean.conf that you downloaded and unzipped in the earlier step, to this folder.

  • Synchronize Your Bean Cash Core Node With The Blockchain Faster!

    A lot of users want to synchronize their "wallets" with the blockchain quicker. Here are some notes to follow if you would like to try it:

    Make sure you are able to synchronize with the network and are getting more than one connection.

    Encrypt your Wallet with a Passphrase using the Menu -> Settings -> Encrypt Keys (or Encrypt Vault).

    Backup your Wallet using the Menu -> File -> Backup Keys (or Backup Vault).

    It is recommended to make at least two backup copies to offline media (USB drive/devices).

    Stop Beancash-qt (or BitBean-qt) from running with the Menu -> File -> Exit.

    Open the Folder where you put BitBean.conf (if you are running newer Bean Cash version, this file should be renamed to "Beancash.conf", not "BitBean.conf") originally and delete all subfolders and files except: BitBean.conf, peers.dat, wallet.dat

    Download one of these archives of the current or SnapShot.tar.gz and save it to the same BitBean folder as the files you kept.

    Extract the contents of the .zip file to the same .BitBean folder.

    Select Skip/Keep Original when prompted to overwrite the original peers.dat file.

    After the extraction is complete, restart Bean Cash Core (or BitBean-qt if you have the older version).